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Photography Pre-wedding

From decades Photos  we have been the choice of countless  brides and grooms , who have deposited in us the confidence to capture in high quality images, all the details and unique moments that awaken the celebration of a marriage bond. Getting married is one of the most important moments in a person’s life and we enjoy being witnesses of those beginnings with obturator and objective.

The Preboda photo sessions are usually done one or two weeks before the ceremony  in a jovial and close tone. In these sessions we like to break the ice in front of the cameras, to present ourselves so that on the day of the wedding we are a well-known face and to chat first hand with the couple about planning the course of the wedding,  ideas and preferences that are kept in mind. It is a perfect opportunity to meet the pre wedding photographer  and the wedding day everything comes out as organized in common with the couple.

The sessions of pre-wedding photos are usually done in romantic and quiet places, which in many cases had a special meaning during the relationship and in a quiet environment, the couple, walk naturally intertwined while the cameras are responsible for capturing the moments more spontaneous of the couple.

With the service of photography Preboda we created a nice box of memories full of images of the last couple weeks of each couple before granting the desired one. Yes, I want!

Professional photographers for weddings

In Fotos Novoa we made photo reports for weddings from Santiago de Compostela to any part of the geography of the Galician community. Our services as professional photographers for weddings cover all of Galicia. Contact us if you want to know an orientation on the price of your wedding photos and existing possibilities, such as the creation and design of your wedding photo album , or the services of video, pre-wedding and post-wedding photography .

Top 3 Best Photo Editor for BlackBerry

Editing photos on your mobile phones is very fun and convenient. If you have a Blackberry phone and want to edit photos on your mobile phone, you may have some powerful photo editors for Blackberry .

There are a lot of photo editing applications for editing Blackberry images. All of them are easy and fun to use. Among them, there are some really great photo of Blackberry editing apps that can help you make your photos more attractive and interesting.

Here the 3 best photo editing applications for Blackberry PGP are suggested. Let’s take a look at the most popular and photo editing applications Blackberry.

Photo editor for BlackBerry 1: Mini Paint

Mini Paint comes with some great photo editing features. It allows you to add clip arts to your photos to brighten your photos instantly. You can also extend your creativity by adding some texts and comic balloons to the images to make them more personalized and interesting. Common photo editing functions such as crop, zoom, etc. are also provided in this photo editing BlackBerry application. We welcomed the photography editors for beginners who want to have a good time with the photos.

Photo editor for BlackBerry 2: Magic Picture

Magic Image is a photo-rich feature-editing tools for Blackberry cell phones with touch-screen support. It allows you to add arrows, funny eyes, glasses, bright jewelry, balloons, strange masks, facial hair, text and text balloons to your photos. So exercise your imagination with all these editing elements! In addition, you can make personalized greeting cards and presentations with this Blackberry photo editor.

Photo editor for Blackberry 3: Doodle

Doodle has 16 colors and 4 brush sizes for you to paint with your fingers freely. Normal photo editing effects such as inverting colors, grayscale, infrared, sepia, etc. are provided to spice up your images. This photo editor for BlackBerry is loved by creative people who like to take pictures and drawings.

The faces of Nespresso: the art of photography marries charity“

the faces of nespresso by Maurizio Galimberti: the art of photography marries charity
The proceeds from the sale of the nine works created by the famous photographer will be donated to the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation

From Saturday 3 December to Tuesday 3 January the three Nespresso boutiques in Milan, Turin and Bari, exhibit The Volts of Nespresso , the nine works that Maurizio Galimberti , internationally renowned photographer famous for his mosaic portraits with the Polaroids, realized during the evening of presentation of Le Variations 2011 Nespresso , the three limited edition Flavored Coffee.

In the Boutique in via Bigli 1/3 in Milan the portrait of Ambra Angiolini , the work dedicated to Variation with cherry and the one on the pleasure of Nespresso tasting is exhibited : as in modern cubist works, faces and objects are observed from different points of view, fragmented and exploded in their different facets and finally recomposed, obtaining a unique but at the same time multiple and dynamic image.

With the language of photographic art, the Faces of Nespresso recount a world full of aromas, scents and aromas and are designed to capture what is lived with the other senses. But they are also created for a noble purpose. From 16 to 22 January, the prestigious shots will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation , which for 15 years has recovered food surpluses and redistributed it freely to charitable associations and bodies to fight hunger and food waste .

The other works can be found in the Turin Boutique in Via Roma 27, where the portrait of Eva Riccobono , the Variation with vanilla flowers and the work on the Nespresso Grand Cru range and in Bari in Via Sparano 113 are shown. the portrait of Vinicio Marchioni , the work dedicated to dark chocolate and that on nespresso compatible tea capsules coffee machines, is on display.


Captured by Photo: Locksmith was catapulted by bus

López Sequeira, 23, with a possible fracture in his right knee, more blows and excoriations in various parts of the body when he was hit by a Toyota minibus , gray, plates M 173 615, led by Jorge Baquedano Espinoza, 35 Who allegedly passed the stop sign .

The injured, resident of the neighborhood Enrique Smith, was preparing to do emergency locksmith work aboard his motorcycle Serpento, green, plates M 107 002. He moved from north to south when he was hit and catapulted for almost 12 meters, by the minibus Which circulated from west to east.

“I look south and north, but no one came because of that, I suddenly felt the impact on the front and the injured motorcyclist, but it was me who threw a stop sign,” said the driver of the minibus.

Fernando Gonzalez, who was walking on the platform, said he only saw the rider in the air and that the impact was violent, “thank God the injuries were not serious, he was wearing his helmet and that protected him enough,” he said.

  • More illegal immigrants arrested in Nandaime

Paramedics of Nicaraguan Red Cross, attended the motorcyclist and once stabilized, they sent him in stable condition to emergency room of the hospital Manolo morales.

Photo: Benedict Balmaceda / TN8 [/ caption]

The road accident was recorded from the Don Bosco clinic one block to the lake, one down, in the Ducualí neighborhood.

The driver of the minibus was transferred as a detainee to the police station five, where he will determine his responsibility in accident that adds to the statistics an injured motorcyclist more.

Equip your bathroom with taps to suit your needs with Pictures

The faucets are an essential element of the bathroom. The sink, the bidet, the bathtub and the shower … Each faucet has some characteristics to offer us the maximum comfort possible. The style of the finish, the properties and the water consumption help you to make the dripsndrops Kitchen Faucet that fit your needs.

The keys

  • The faucets have to be, above all, functional to suit your needs, but also decorative to match the style of the bathroom.
  • There are a multitude of different models that save on water and energy, such as thermostatic bath or shower faucets and double-position opening sinks.
  • The usual cleaning of faucets – never with abrasive products – is essential for its correct maintenance and to avoid future damages.



The first thing that strikes a sink faucet is the aesthetics and that combines with the style of the rest of the bathroom, the furniture … There are different finishes: matt, shiny chrome, color, etc. It is recommended to choose a chrome-plated sink faucet, as it prevents corrosion and gives it a glossy finish. Those that have a high quality keep the brightness unchanged.

But you must also take into account the utility , that the opening is comfortable and the benefits over the savings they can have. For example, basin faucets have a ceramic cartridge that prevents dripping and ensures a greater number of uses.

The faucets are classified by the height of their pipe:

– Low pipe: It is the ideal if your cabinet has an integrated sink.

– Of high pipe: It is recommended if your furniture has a washbasin to overlap.

– Recessed: It is the one that should be placed if the water intakes are in the wall. They have the advantage of leaving free space on the counter.



The search for a different aesthetics coupled with LED technology, allows the water to release different colored lights depending on the temperature of the water – from blue to red as the water heats up.

Hoses. The hose is the hose that communicates the water pipe with the faucet. In the hose can be placed a flow limiter that reduces the passage of all the water that passes through the pipe, implying a water saving of up to 30%.

To find out how to change the sink and bidet faucets click here. 



Bidet taps resemble washbasins, although they have less performance because they are less used, and are usually installed overlapping (as opposed to built-in taps). They can have a moving part that allows directing the direction of the water flow.


The first point to keep in mind is whether the faucet is for a bathtub, shower or both.
The installation of this type of faucets is usually mural, anchored to the wall. You should check the distance between the pipe plugs on your wall: the standard width is 150 mm. Bathtub and shower taps come with adapters that allow you to adjust the width between 125 and 175 mm.

Benefits to save

Choose a faucet that will help you save on water and energy consumption. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, you will reduce your spending on your bill.


– It is recommended that you equip the faucet with an aerator  (it is placed in the mouth of the faucet). It mixes the water with air reducing water consumption, but without decreasing the comfort and the sensation of quantity of water. It allows to save up to 50% of water.

– Another way to control the water expenditure is by using the taps with double position lever. This type of faucet has an opening stop halfway that leaves only 50% of the water flow. By pressing on this stop, the faucet can continue to open and allow 100% of the water to pass through. This option is very useful when children use it.


– The type of cold central opening single- lever faucet contributes to energy saving, as it helps to reduce the consumption of hot water. That is, when you open the faucet in the central position the water comes out cold and not tempered. Therefore the boiler does not turn on with the saving that this supposes.


Thermostatic Faucets

One of the most recommended types of shower and bath faucets are thermostats. These taps have two controls: one with which the temperature is controlled in degrees and another, to regulate the water flow.

They allow to maintain the temperature that you choose of constant way although other taps of the house open. Its advantages are: they save energy (because the boiler takes less time to heat the water) and saves water (because it is not wasted hoping to reach your ideal temperature).

Keep in mind that a higher quality of the thermostatic cartridge allows the desired temperature to be reached more quickly and that any pressure change is quickly compensated by opening other faucets, thus saving water much more.

Other equipment Thermostatic

faucets are  blocked at 38 degrees. Only unlocked by pressing the button, this safety system avoids the risk of burns for children and adults.

In addition, as another additional feature, the faucet body can always remain cold , thus avoiding burns.

You can also choose another feature for the thermostatic faucet as it is a flow reducer (to save on water consumption ).

The thermostatic faucets have the temperature calibrated to 38º from factory, remember that once you have installed the thermostatic faucet it is convenient to verify the calibration, following the manufacturer’s instructions, To adjust the temperature.

OB-GYN Ultrasound Imaging

The OB / GYN ultrasound branch , or obstetrics and gynecology, is one of the most commonly used applications in ultrasound scans. That is largely because OB / GYN applies to many areas, such as pregnancy, birth, or reproductive problems of women. To any aspect of OB / GYN that your clinic or office is dedicated to, you can find in the ultrasound machine that can perform the functions you need for the ultrasound applications of obstetrics or gynecology that you use the most.

Ultrasound imaging has existed since the 1950s, and in recent years it has increased dramatically, as it allows 4D ultrasound of the fetus with fairly clear images. That has caused the formation of a new industry, in images of the fetus. But of course, there is much more to see in OB / GYN ultrasound, apart from souvenir photos. OB scans present an important tool for the entire duration of pregnancy, from the first trimester to the date of birth. Gynecological ultrasound imaging is also very useful in detecting and diagnosing fertility or reproductive problems, and remains an area of ​​ultrasound imaging growth. One of the most popular OB / GYN ultrasound machines at includes the GE LOGIQ Book XP ,

No matter what you are looking for, whether an OB / GYN ultrasound machine or one that can play other applications, you can find it in the giant inventory of used ultrasound machines at obgyn in centreville. We have the largest selection and best prices on systems from all major manufacturers.

Apart from the savings you can make in buying your used ultrasound system with us, let us help you save even more with refurbished probes and transducers .

The Philips iU22 ultrasound machine has advanced imaging capabilities and easy-to-operate features, and can accelerate the imaging process to data storage. This system can reduce the time of ultrasonic examinations by up to 50 percent, and when used with the C5-1 transducer

I finished the cooking course with Food Photography

Two weeks ago I presented the “final exam” of the cooking course that I was doing for a year at the Center of Gastronomic Training Alta Cocina in Caracas.

As many know, I am passionate about everything related to gastronomy , I think the biggest test is to have created this small food processor reviews blog .

I’ve been like this all my life. I have had the hobby of photographing what I eat long before they invented instagram and the term “foodporn” became fashionable.

I’ve been in the kitchen of my house since a very young age, wondering how my mom and dad cooked. And writing recipes, my friend Flavio had a website more than 10 years ago called , where I had a recipe section called ” Kitchen for Loose”. This column explained how to make salchicas in the microwave or how to bake breaded cashew nuts. Ha!

Why do I tell this? Well, as I said at the beginning, I finished a cooking course of 1 year, you can say that I graduated from cook (but not from chef, graduating with chef’s degree is something that does not exist anywhere ).

I decided to study cooking because I like it, because I wanted to understand processes and techniques, to know ingredients, and to open my mind more.

In addition, I dedicate myself to photography as a trade and, specifically, I am interested in food photography. What I learned in the kitchen has given me a new vision when composing images. Emplatado, presentation, colors, textures, geometry … could dedicate an entire post to talk about food photography (homework …)

To graduate, we had to present a final dish that we had to complete in 20 minutes, in front of a jury of 4 chefs. While we were cooking we were asked questions such as to deconcentrate ourselves and measure our theoretical knowledge.

We had to prepare an entree and a main dish with their respective garnish.

Many things we could take ahead because obviously in 20 minutes was not going to give time to, for example, chop vegetables and stew.In my case, I presented a salad of lettuce, rúgula, mandarin, dates and almonds fileteada, very similar to this , with some variations.

From main I made breaded pork loin with curry sauce accompanied by cus-cus and pea puree.

The curry I made myself mixing different spices in a stew that brought tomato, paprika, onion, ginger and chili.

The pork was breaded with wheat flour, bread, egg and then almond flour.

The cus-cus is a recipe that I will soon post on the blog, but basically it is with grilled vegetables, and spices.

And the pea puree is nothing but fresh peas cooked through butter, salt and ground in a food processor.

The final result was quite satisfactory, I was happy with my dishes and the jury liked my work. I will continue studying cooking, suddenly not in a school, but in everyday life, in the readings and the stoves. I will also deepen food photography.

Web positioning for novice photographers: practical start guide

Working the web positioning for photographers  is not easy in view of the countless queries you receive.

In this article I will give you some guidelines to start doing SEO for photographers  on your website so that you are sure that you know what you are doing and with a minimum guarantee that your web page will position itself in a reasonably acceptable position soon.


Web positioning for photographers: where do I start?

1 The first thing you will ALWAYS do is take paper and pencil. You can not seriously work your Web positioning without a place to point your ideas and shape them.

2 The second thing you will do is write in the fewest possible words: who you are, what you do, how you do it and where you do it. That is, you have to answer the questions: who, what, how and where. I’ll put a couple of examples: a) Pedro Martinez, wedding reports, romantic, in Mendoza. B) Teresa Gil, photography of architecture and interiors, (if there is no “how” you leave blank, Barcelona.

3 The third thing that you will do is to make a list as wide as possible of all the things that you do in your work, all the types of products and services that you offer with all its variants and you are going to order this list in order of your preference. That is, at the top of the list you can find the products or services that you would like to position with more preference.

Web Positioning: What Your Competition Does

We have to see what your competition does and that means you have to look for it as if you needed your services and would like to hire them, without cheating by putting your name, but by doing searches on Google.

Searches an incognito or private browsing window for clean results

CLARIFICATION: All browsers show us, first and foremost, the data we have stored in our disk cache and in our browsing history. It is assumed that if we do a specific search in the usual way and always end up entering the same sites, it is because we really care about those sites.

Browsers that are very kind, want to facilitate the task so much that if we do a search we already did in the past and gave us results in which we entered (it is assumed that because we were interested in those sites), when we repeat that search they cheat and They do not perform the search … not completely, but they will offer us mainly results of searches that have been useful to us, in which we have clicked to enter.

To avoid this we ask you to open an incognito window or private browsing. These windows do not save search data or access the history so that the search is done from scratch and in full equality with a newly installed computer, with no search preferences or anything. 

This ensures that the results are real. You have explained how it is done in this same article below.


To do these searches you will have to do the following:

1 Take paper and pencil to take notes …. yes, get it out of the drawer, I’ve seen how you kept it

2 Write down every search you make, the exact words you write, and the first 10 results of each search

3 Check each of your competitors how you have written the title of your website and how you have written the “meta description” ( see YOAST SEO )

4 Make a list of the keywords your competitors are using for their titles and for their meta descriptions


When making this list it is normal that your competitors mostly coincide in a group of keywords and then there will be others in which each one will go by free. Order these keywords in a list by placing next to each one the number of times you have found it in your competitors and order the list of most repeated to least repeated.

Well, as you see you are working your web positioning  and it does not seem so difficult right?

But why study the competition? (Remember, why and not why )

Firstly because your best positioned competition is already doing something that works and you have to know what you are doing. Secondly because in this way you will be able to know if you are really doing it as well as you thought or you can really improve your work and get ahead of them easily. Thirdly because it gives you valuable ideas that could take months to get you. Fourthly because you can get to discover SEO competitors that you had no news and that also has a value.

As you can see you can not pretend to work your Web position  without studying your competition because, in a way, working your  web positioning is like a background race in which you have to see your competitors to know that you are running more than them and you are Advancing.

Web positioning: basic elements for the web

To do SEO for quality photographers we need some basic elements that will help you at the beginning of the positioning. To understand what we are going to do, I will explain what Google does with your Web.

When Google goes through your website and reads it , since it can not see it , it classifies it according to the type of content first, second according to the type of relevance of the content and third according to the relevance of your web with respect to the others Of that type of content. How you do this is a secret of Google.

What compels you is to explain to Google what content your website has, to show you that content is relevant in that type of subject, and to convince you that you are a leader in that type of content. And how can you do all that? Patience, in that we are.


First: explain what your web is going on

That explanation is found by Google in these sites fundamentally:

1 In the title of your website

2 In your web URL

3 In the meta description of your home

4 On the ALT tab of your home’s photos

5 In the text written in your home

All 5 sites must have a match: your main keyword must be present. No 8 nor 7 nor 25 keywords, only only and nothing else the main keyword.

So what content should appear in these 5 sections?

1 Title of the web : a brief description that contains all the keywords that basically define what you do, where you do it, how you do it and who does it: Spontaneous wedding photography in Zaragoza – Pedro Martínez. Or if you prefer Pedro Martínez Spontaneous wedding photographer in Zaragoza.

2 URL: it depends on your purchased domain of course, but if you have to buy one to start from scratch I would look for one that was short and have your name and what you do: PedroMartinezFotó or something like that would be worth it.

3 Meta description: It’s like the title but with more detail and more prose, without exaggerating: Natural Wedding Photography in Zaragoza by Pedro Martínez. Hire your Wedding Photography Report with us and live an unforgettable day. As you see this description has many keywords but with common sense and explaining something.

4 ALT Tag: in this case would put the same text as the title of the web

5 Text written in the home: you should repeat a few times the title of the web as part of a sentence. You should also use other variations of keywords as done in the meta description.

With this job you are telling Google that you do one thing: you are a photographer. You also tell him where you do it which helps you in the local seo expert gold coast. Also you tell the name of who does it because it will be relevant to your personal brand. In addition you add a feature to your work to differentiate it from others.

What if in the home you say that you are a wedding photographer, baptism, pregnancy, communions, etc? That tides to Google. If your case is something like that, you do many types of photos, at home you will only say that you are a photographer and your locality. Then, inside the website, in the pages of each of the differentiated services, you will do the job of positioning that specific specialty.

The only thing that you could do in is to add a small basic list of specialties in the meta description and in the text of the home, but not in the title nor in the URL. Anyway, if you do well the positioning work of each of the specialties you will not need this.

Long Tail SEO for Architecture Photography

I am not a specialist on this subject but I will imagine that I am. As I said the first thing would be the main keyword , let’s say Architecture photographer. ”

The other keywords that will help us in the Long Tail SEO strategy could be: architectural photography, architectural photography, building photographs, interior photography, decoration photography, interior design, etc.

As I say I am not a specialist in this subject, surely the specialists will see that you can draw many more ideas and words to position the web.

The idea is the same, a big main keyword and other smaller ones around helping to position the web.


Web SEO with Long Tail SEO: what you have to do

What you have to do now is to sort and expand that list of keywords.

A good idea would be to indicate which is already using your competition and study the result that is giving them, see if you can improve that result with better quality work.

The order of the keywords I would make it more important or relevant to less importance, so that you focus on positioning first some others.

Which keywords are the most relevant?

As they should be more important the ones that have more searches and less competition, also the ones related to your clear main subject and especially those that are not using your competition if they have a reasonable amount of searches per month.

If you work your web as I explained and you are publishing articles in your blog with this dynamic, in less than three months you should notice a great improvement.

A photograph shows how the sun multiplies the aging of the skin

This is shown in the photo that the magazine ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’ publishes.
It is a truck driver who for 28 years has been getting more sunlight on one side of his face.
It is necessary to “prioritize” the care of the skin against the tan.

With the sun on the heights and thermometers surpassing 30º, it is time to insist on the risks to the skin of uncontrolled exposure to the sun . Melanoma, skin cancer, is closer than we think. Its incidence increases by 10% each year. If the advice and recommendations fall on deaf ears, it is time to go to “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
UVA rays came through the crystal penetrating the dermis and epidermis For that the photo that publishes the magazine ‘The New England Journal of Medicine’ , and that illustrates these lines. The image portrays a 69-year-old truck driver who has been getting more sunlight on one side of his face; Thus for 28 years .
The authors of the information and photo of the prestigious magazine, Jennifer RS Gordon and Joaquin C. Brieva, explain that during the years that this man drove the ultraviolet A (UVA) rays were transmitted through the window glass , Penetrating into the layers of the epidermis and the upper part of the dermis.
This repeated exposure can produce (as is the case) the thickening of the epidermis and the destruction of the elastic fibers .
Enemy of our skin
Seeing the photo is clear that the sun is enemy of the skin. Proof of this is skin cancer, melanoma, whose incidence increases by 10% each year , becoming the only carcinoma that does not decrease its prevalence.
Studies on the incidence of skin cancer in the last 25 years show that the incidence of the disease has doubled “and in some areas tripled” and that the increase will continue in the coming decades, according to the Spanish Group of Epidemiology and Prevention of Health in Dermatology.
Therefore , it is important to find skin care clinic near me and prioritize skin care against tanning and to wear protective creams correctly, since many products can mask ultraviolet rays burns and allow the user to remain in the sun for longer periods of time. That your skin will be affected.

Photo of the funeral shows for the first time the clan of Fidel Castro

The end of the Havana ceremony in honor of the ashes of Fidel Castro has led to some curious images. One of these has made it possible to see in a single photo the whole clan of the direct family of the former president who died on 25 November.

And it is interesting because even for a more or less informed Cuban, the subject of the Maximum Leader’s private life has always been a mystery of state; What for more than fifty years has made, for example, that we can meet by chance with one of his children, without even noticing us.

So far they had not seen together in one photo the five sons of Castro with Dalia Soto del Valle.

Alejandro (born in 1971), wearing a black t-shirt that was not very well advised for a funeral, appeared in the first line, from right to left, when in March of 2015 he was very well dressed in the company of celebrity Paris Hilton, during The XVII International Habano Festival in the Cuban capital.

He is accompanied by his mother, Dalia Soto del Valle, notoriously affected, the woman with whom Fidel Castro officially married in 1980, when all his children were born and after the death of Celia Sánchez Manduley, the companion And assistant commander since the guerrilla days in the Sierra Maestra.

On the other side of Dalia appear Alexis Castro (1962), in a long-sleeved shirt in light violet, and Alexander (1963), who has been relatively known for his work as a professional photographer and for the sweetened images that in the last ten years Circulated from his old and wasted father.

It was this same Alex who in March of this year declared to the press that nobody of his family would take the reins of the power in Cuba when his uncle Raúl surrenders the position, as it has repeated, in 2018.

In the second line, we observe, from guayabera, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Communist Party, and one of his most faithful ideologues, as well as commanders Guillermo García Frías and Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, historical figures of the entire confidence of Fidel Castro.

Ten things that have changed in Cuba after Fidel Castro stopped being president

Together with these, we can barely see the eye and the right side of the son of the Commander named Angel (1974), as the patriarch of the Castro was called, who founded business and family in the early twentieth century in the remote village of Birán , In the province of Holguin.

A little further back is the most mediated of Fidel Castro’s five official children, the same as paparazzi discovered on a yacht in Turkey and Greece, enjoying luxury and comfort, and accompanied by at least a couple of escorts maintained by the inestimable Of the Cuban Council of State.

He is Antonio Castro Soto del Valle, Tony, (1969), orthopedic physician, specialized in sports assistance, baseball fan, golf player with some prizes under his belt and Vice President of the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) in English).

A little farther back, on the left, looking away, appears the chancellor Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, the last of the men of the gang of young student leaders that Fidel Castro has had since the 1980s; And much more in the background General Alvaro López Miera, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, who from the shadow directs more threads than the Cuban standing and the enthusiastic foreigner of the revolution can imagine.

It is striking, in this curious funeral, in which there was an elite who gathered around a beautiful wooden urn while the great mass passed in front of a photo of Fidel Castro, the clothing of some of his relatives, who in some Cases seem to claim a simplicity that borders on aesthetic barbarism.

Moreover, General Raúl Castro is not included in the image, nor is Juanita Castro Ruz, the exiled sister, the youngest, who from his retirement in the city of Miami ratified his pain in the face of the death of his older brother , His understanding for those who from this Florida coast celebrated the supposed end of an era, and his decision not to travel to Havana.

Nor does the first-born of the Castro I clan, the celebrated Fidelito (1949), the fruit of the guerrilla’s first marriage (1948-1955) with Mirta Díaz Balart, who from the beginning of the Revolution live in Madrid, where he founded another family.

For more than thirty years, Fidelito has been a prominent figure in the national scientific world, in the area of ​​nuclear physics.

Neither was Alina Fernandez, the daughter Fidel had in 1956 with the beautiful television actress and eternal Fidelista Natalia ‘Naty’ Revuelta.

It was this Alina who in 1993 became famous for her mysterious flight to Havana airport, her installation in the demonized Miami and the subsequent publication of her memoir La hija de Castro: memoirs of Cuban exile.

As of the writing of this note, Alina had not given any press interviews.

According to scholars, Fidel Castro also had two extramarital children: Jorge Ángel Castro Laborde (1956) and Francisca ‘Panchita’ Pupo (also 1956). She apparently emigrated to the United States with her husband in 1999.

If we are guided by the research carried out by the journalist Ann Louise Bardach for his book “Without Fidel” (2009), the former president would have had in total eleven children; Although other means speak of ten.

So far what the few photos of the Castro I clan show according to the Havana ceremony. Let’s wait and see what the destiny holds for us, in terms of images, when next Sunday this official mourning cycle ends in Santiago de Cuba. Visit for more details.

How to Create Impossible Images with the Help of a Projector

Everything is invented and yet we invent new things every day. Taking photos becomes something more when the images we take are unique and we know that no one has ever done anything like it. We create and try new things, that we have seen or that we have dreamed, and that now we want to translate reality in front of the camera.

And that is what this article is about, projecting some forms, an idea or a dream image and merge it with reality, creating impossible photos alone. It is something so simple and with so many creative possibilities that I am sure it will encourage you to unleash your imagination to prove it. We just need to connect our computer to a projector and dump the images in our scene. Follow us at ?

Unlimited possibilities

Images-impossible-projector-1And it is that our imagination is the only limitation here. Having a search engine for images online or a program of drawing or graphic design, we can choose at our whim what we will project in front of our camera. And from there we can combine it with an object, a model, another image or whatever we want.

“How?. Is it something like doing a double exposure on the sensor? Or would it be the same as superimpose the images with Photoshop ?. “Not at all. The result projecting the images on our scene will be very different as they are printed on the volume of objects , so that will naturally on its surface, Its curves, its imperfections … Thus, in a face, a body or a chair, the colors will look like they are painted right above.

Without large disbursements

Of course, a projector is not a regular part of our photographic equipment. But it should not be uncommon to have one on hand for presentations at work, a relative who uses it to teach vacations, or a friend who has one for home theater. And if it is not the case, given the large decline in the price of these teams in recent years, you can buy a basic projector with 640×480 resolution and 800 lumens for less than 60 € . They are very basic specifications, but for our purpose they are more than sufficient and also can serve us for many other purposes in the future.
The rest of the components we need is your PC or laptop with a video output to connect the projector and a surface on which to project . It does not necessarily have to be a movie screen, it would be worth a wall or the background of photography that we use normally. After all, what we are going to do is simply use a light bulb as we already know how to do, only it will be a different focus from the one we normally use.

Prepare the image and the stage

We will start by visualizing our idea and thinking about how to make it happen. For this we will have to calculate the space that we have to make the photo and the shot that has our projector. The shot is the distance to be placed to give a projection of the size we need, as the cone of light grows as we move away, and the angle of this cone is limited by the model of the device. And then we have to ask the questions that lead us to our goal: What kind of image we need to project ?. Do we already have it or will we have to create it? Will we use a model or mount a scene with objects? .

The first two questions will determine if we need to make a previous photo before taking the photo in question or maybe create it with an editing program. For example, in the header image, not a single image has been used, but an image with just black and white horizontal bars, with the intention that the black acts to hide instead of painting. Which brings us to another question: Will we need white background so that the images appear in the background, or black background so that nothing appears in the background, only on the model ?. These two options will not give completely different pictures.

Upload the ISO and help yourself with a tripod

A turning point of using a projector is that we can not be in a bright room and of course outdoor daylight, for every additional light eclipse the projector. Here it will depend a lot on the light power of the projector, as a small one can give 800 lumens while a large one can give up to five times more, about 4000 lumens. The more powerful, the more light it will give us on the scene and the better it will illuminate, which will allow us to use a lower ISO.

What is almost inevitable is that we have to raise the nominal ISO of our camera , because even with the most powerful projector, we’re talking light output far from a flash. It would not be uncommon to have to use ISO 3200 to get a good exposure, assuming that the diaphragm does not let a maximum aperture lest we limited depth of field and shutter at a moderate speed.

And this last point is recommended that, as we walk more than enough light, we use a tripod to make stable pictures as slow as possible , so we do not have to resort to the maximum sensitivity of our camera sensor. However, it is likely that, like me, you find that it is often difficult to reconcile the space to bet the tripod with the camera without obstructing the projection, because the projector will have to put it at a distance. Therefore, we may have to use long focal lengths to place ourselves at the height of the project.

What do you think? Do you dare to create photos with a new light source? If you throw yourself, do not forget to leave us your experience and results, I am sure that no two will be alike.

Airfryer Photos and Images, more than an oil-free fryer

A few days ago in DecoSphere we had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the new Philips Airfryer , according to the definition of the brand a revolutionary new fryer that does not require oil to fry food in a fast, simple and healthy.

And there are other brands of fryers without oil , be thinking, okay, but this is different: the secret of Airfryer is Rapid Air patented technology that combines rapid circulation of hot air with a grill , so that allows us to prepare not only fried but different recipes, good – looking and even with 80% less fat.

Philips airfryer 2

In the event we were accompanied by the chef Perez and the nutritionist Nuria Llata, who explained the advantages of the apparatus from their point of view. We can highlight three that we found the most important: cooking time, which decreases significantly implies less loss of nutrients, minimum consumption of fats, which makes food ideal for all diets and ages, and lastly , The fact that food maintains excellent organoleptic qualities after being cooked.

Philips 4 airfryer
Philips airfryer 1

Perez hand we had the opportunity to try some recipes prepared in the Airfryer: fries, chicken wings and even a stuffed tartlets. The truth is that, although in my case I am not at all friendly to the wings, both the appearance and the taste seemed very pleasant.

From what we could see the fryer is really quick and easy to handle. It has a timer with pre-set times of up to 30 minutes and an adjustable temperature control up to 200º. To give you an idea: a frozen french fries will take us about 12 minutes to the maximum.

Another interesting thing is that the tray where food is deposited incorporates a separator , so that you can put two different ingredients without mixing and cooking them at once.

Airfryer by philips 7

Traigámonos now the appliance to our land: the kitchen of our house and its decor . As you can see in the images is not a small device, its diameter is small, but its height is greater than we are accustomed: this is due to the fact that in the upper part are housed the intringulis that make it work and take air of the Exterior.

If we look behind discover a grid, it is a system of filter by integrated air that reduces odors and vapors and keeps your kitchen free of that environment fritanga, something especially appreciated when it, as is increasingly common , Forms an atmosphere with the living room. Also, without turning it around, we will find a retractable cable, which would allow to save more comfortably after use, although I understand that it would be logical to leave it on the counter.

Summarizing, it is an apparatus nice design , which can be found in white with blue accents and black with details in steel, and it will not detract anything about our countertop but occupy, as all these helpers, beautiful space on it . In our hands is assessing if we agree to pay the 199 euros that costs. Click for more information

Before and After Lose Weight and Diet Slimming HCG Drops

Check out this photo gallery before and after slimming using the HCG Sublingual Drops Diet.

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The first dose in the morning when you wake up and the second dose of HCG drops at night before going to bed.

Placed under the tongue, these HCG hormone drops will stimulate your metabolism. It breaks the accumulated fat cells and the unused fat substances by the body and converts them into calories.


Photos before and after slimming

HCG Drops Before and After

This daily and disciplined process of consuming 500 calories a day of pre-calorie dishes while the HCG drops diet is being done, causes weight loss every day for the recommended 21 days of diet.

The weight loss and accumulated fat loss is in the ratio of 1 to 3 pounds per day. Almost 0.5 kilos to 1.5 kilos per day.

These before and after slimming pictures reflect actual results from customers who used the HCG drops diet.

These before and after slimming images are true and sent only by users of HCG Sublingual drops diet.


Photo Gallery Before and After Slimming

Before and after

Before and after photo slimming

Photos before and after losing weight

Before and after images lose weight

Before and after photo slimmingBefore and after photo slimming

Photos before and after losing weight

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Creating desirable deals on the part of the customer is not an exact science, all you have to do is understand what drives your potential customers. Once you understand what they really want, you’ll have the tools you need to create irresistible offers that your prospects will not be able to pass up.

Here are the psychological principles used by successful companies to generate desire for their products  and describe how you can use them to optimize your landing pages and your marketing campaigns.



Understanding the psychology of desire on a theoretical level will help you apply it in practice to your landing pages. In his bookThe Advertising Effect (The effect of advertising) , the psychologist Adam Ferrier explains that desire is composed of two main elements: the individual incentive and social norms.



At a basic level, human beings are motivated to act either to feel pleasure or avoid pain.

In the context of your marketing campaigns the desire is created when people can see how your product or service can help them feel pleasure or relieve pain.



All this does not mean that human beings simply look for anything that generates pleasure or relieve pain without thinking about the consequences. We are inherently social beings and we feel motivated to act in the way that we believe will be considered normal.

Because of this, before acting we tend to consider things like:

  • How will I see myself if I behave this way?
  • What are the social norms around this behavior?
  • Do the people I consider influential behave this way?

To create the desire for your products you need to appeal to both the individual incentive and the social norm.

You have to show people how your product or service will reduce pain or increase the pleasure in their lives and you need to confirm that it is perfectly acceptable behavior.

Now that we understand the inner workings of desire better, let’s take a look at how successful companies take advantage of these psychological principles to carry out great marketing campaigns.



Airbnb, the popular web host family, creates the desire for your service by using beautiful images of your products.

Through the use of photographs taken by professionals that show the properties in perfect condition increase the individual incentive to stay in one of them.

Airbnb pays professional photographers to photograph the holiday properties listed on their website – at no cost to property owners – because they understand the importance of beautiful photographs in creating desire.

This strategy has been a great success for the company. In a presentation for The Lean Startup SXSW , Airbnb underscored the importance of this tactic in its rapid growth towards a valuation of $ 10 billion:

The professional photography program significantly increased people’s desire for their products. This greatly increased the number of nights reserved on Airbnb properties and boosted the start of its phenomenal growth.


By including emblematic images of your product or service on your landing page, use photographs taken by professionals to increase individual incentive.

SurfEasy does an excellent job in this regard on the landing page of their online privacy product.

Using the services of a professional photographer to then include an image of a person relaxing and enjoying a cup of tea (read: not stressed by issues concerning privacy) trigger feelings of relaxation and create an individual incentive to obtain The benefit of your product.



Apple creates the desire for its products showing the context of use.

In its recent campaign “Your Verse” for the iPad, Apple created a campaign page with a very attractive design in order to show how different people use their iPad in different ways to improve their lives.

By showing the product being used in context demonstrates to potential buyers how the iPad can be used to generate pleasure in their lives and increases the individual incentive to purchase the product.

It shows the context of use to demonstrate to potential customers how your product will generate pleasure.

In addition, Apple creates a sense of social norm by introducing influential personalities such as travel writer Chérie King. By showing it by taking photos with an iPad, Apple is using the tendency of people to notice the behavior of influential people to know how to act. They are creating a social norm according to which even celebrities think that the iPad is perfect for capturing the most important moments of life.


By including images or screenshots of your product or service on your landing page, show them in the context of how they will help the user to feel pleasure or avoid pain.

The Pittsburgh Art Institute does very well on the landing page for its design courses:

By using a background image of students designing fairly advanced graphics demonstrate how their design classes allow potential students to have outstanding results. In this way they create an individual incentive that motivates potential students to enroll.



Campaign Monitor, the email marketing platform, generates desire by displaying on its website the logos of its most important and recognized clients.

With the inclusion of the famous client logos like Facebook, Apple, eBay and IKEA, Campaign Monitor is using both social norms and individual incentive. People like to use the same tools that successful companies use as it makes them feel that they are a little closer to success.


If you have a number of important customers who use your product or service, show them prominently on landing pages.

They do not have to be well-known names. As long as your audience recognizes them and has a positive reaction, they will be very useful.

The company dedicated to analytics KISSmetrics takes advantage of this technique in its landing pages:

By including prominent and successful business logos such as Adobe, Intel and eBay, KISSmetrics stirs up people’s desire to use the same tools as those companies. In addition, this creates the individual incentive that leads people to become customers.

Display important customers on your landing page to create desire and increase conversions.


InVision, the workflow platform and prototyping creates the desire for your service by displaying testimonials from satisfied customers.

The testimony from the left reads: “I can show my team the evolution of designs over time without the inconvenience of having multiple copies of the source file.”

While the marketing text on the page talks about the benefits of using the service, testimonials serve to add credibility to the claims.

In addition, the testimonials serve to create a social norm around InVision by showing that other important companies use the product and take advantage of the respect that people feel for these companies.



Whenever you can collect testimonials from your customers to publish them on your landing pages. To increase its relevance and effectiveness, you can count the benefits you have listed on your landing page.

You should also take into account the location of your testimonials. When ContentVerve moved testimonials from the bottom of their landing page to the center of the page they got a 64.53% increase in conversions.

Your visitors will react differently to the different locations of the testimonials (depending on where they are in the buying process). Start testing today and you’ll see significant conversions increases.

How Xero creates desire using customer numbers

The Xero online accounting application creates the desire for your product by showing how many small businesses use your platform.

The headline of this page says: “More than 300,000 small businesses love Xero.”

By prominently showing that another 300,000 small businesses are using their service, Xero newcastle bases its strategy on the fear people feel about being left out (visitors may wonder why their small business does not use Xero as well). This creates an individual incentive to enroll in the product and start to feel the pleasure that others are experiencing from the service.

Benefit from the fear of people being excluded by showing that many customers use your product.



If the number of people who have signed up to get your product is impressive, show that figure prominently on the landing pages.

Use language that creates individual incentives by making people feel that they are being excluded from the benefits that their colleagues, and even the competition, are receiving thanks to the use of your product.

InVision App uses this technique on the following landing page:

The subtitle below the form says “More than 160,000 designers use and love InVision”.

Noting that another 160,000 designers use and love InVision make potential customers think they are being cut off from the benefits their colleagues and competitors get.


By understanding the psychology of desire and following the example of some successful brands you can make small changes to your landing pages that lead to great victories in relation to conversions.

Always remember that your audience is likely to be different from those of these large companies. Psychological elements to trigger reactions that work for them can be counterproductive to you. Validate your hypothesis when performing A / B tests on the changes you put into practice.

Which of these psychological principles are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments section.


I assume, I have no idea of ​​photography, since I just do inflatable kayak reviews. It’s something that does not worry me. I am happy with what I do and as I do not demand more, I do not seek to have more knowledge. Since I had my first digital back in 2002 I always liked to take it everywhere and take photos at cascoporro. I have bad memory and I always like to relive the good things in some way, by seeing photos. This way of acting has moved into my kayak life. However taking pictures in kayak is not easy. It is an aggressive environment for the electronic, where everything moves and you have a reduced mobility. With many mistakes I have been learning things, until reaching the one that for me is the best option: a waterproof camera.

I remember I started with a disposable waterproof the reel, then I made up a bag, a camera then housing vpc-CA65 xacti then the Sanyo VPC-CA9 and my current camera is an Olympus TG-310. With these tips I try to convey some things that I have learned in this time.

1 Take the camera when you go paddling, and not leave it at home or in the car.

2 Select model in this order …… waterproof camera, underwater camera housing with protective cover camera, or camera – tight container.

3 Carry sufficient capacity on the card and / battery. Failing to carry both spare parts.


4 Save the camera in a very accessible and somewhat protected from splashes, forever keep it handy place. A pocket on the vest or covers, is the ideal place.

5 Always wear the immaculate goal. For this you have to take something dry, and if you can fresh water, since the salt water leaves traces of saltpeter. The gore of the spit is left. You also have to avoid going on deck where you are going to carry a lot of splashes. The photos with drops on the lens, have an adventurous air but usually come out fatal.

Olympus tg 310 orange

6 Put the viewfinder screen brightness butt. In the water under sunny conditions, it is almost impossible to see anything in the viewfinder, especially if you have a casing or cover. The users of casing or cover must be inseparable companions of the anti-humidity sachets, to avoid condensation.

7 If is a compact camera, set the automatic flash, image stabilizer (if fitted) and sport mode pictures or moving pictures

8 Bring the camera attached (not usually float), and shovel too. The latter because it is easy to lose it if we release it to photograph. A leash for the shovel and a small one for the camera will help. There are also floats to not carry the camera tied, but check on the shore that they float enough.

Leash-pala-kayak Small leash Floater-camara-kayak
9 Photography whatever you have at an angle of 180 degrees. Doing more means turning the torso, which increases the chances of overturning, or taking a picture out of the way.

10 The rudder helps to not move too much, or steer the boat to where you want to photograph. If you do not have a rudder, learn to paddle with one hand while photographing the other.

11 If you want to take a picture of other kayakers, and want to go well lit, seeks to have the sun against the direction of the target.

12 Find different angles. Taking photos from as high as you can, or at the edge of the water, results. If you do not mind carrying tackle, a stick of selfies will help you to improve this subject and make yourself more result photos.

13 Shoot hundreds of photos, some will cool.

14 When you get home sweetens and dry the material with care, and if you can share your photos with friends and / or.