Airfryer Photos and Images, more than an oil-free fryer

A few days ago in DecoSphere we had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the new Philips Airfryer , according to the definition of the brand a revolutionary new fryer that does not require oil to fry food in a fast, simple and healthy.

And there are other brands of fryers without oil , be thinking, okay, but this is different: the secret of Airfryer is Rapid Air patented technology that combines rapid circulation of hot air with a grill , so that allows us to prepare not only fried but different recipes, good – looking and even with 80% less fat.

Philips airfryer 2

In the event we were accompanied by the chef Perez and the nutritionist Nuria Llata, who explained the advantages of the apparatus from their point of view. We can highlight three that we found the most important: cooking time, which decreases significantly implies less loss of nutrients, minimum consumption of fats, which makes food ideal for all diets and ages, and lastly , The fact that food maintains excellent organoleptic qualities after being cooked.

Philips 4 airfryer
Philips airfryer 1

Perez hand we had the opportunity to try some recipes prepared in the Airfryer: fries, chicken wings and even a stuffed tartlets. The truth is that, although in my case I am not at all friendly to the wings, both the appearance and the taste seemed very pleasant.

From what we could see the fryer is really quick and easy to handle. It has a timer with pre-set times of up to 30 minutes and an adjustable temperature control up to 200º. To give you an idea: a frozen french fries will take us about 12 minutes to the maximum.

Another interesting thing is that the tray where food is deposited incorporates a separator , so that you can put two different ingredients without mixing and cooking them at once.

Airfryer by philips 7

Traigámonos now the appliance to our land: the kitchen of our house and its decor . As you can see in the images is not a small device, its diameter is small, but its height is greater than we are accustomed: this is due to the fact that in the upper part are housed the intringulis that make it work and take air of the Exterior.

If we look behind discover a grid, it is a system of filter by integrated air that reduces odors and vapors and keeps your kitchen free of that environment fritanga, something especially appreciated when it, as is increasingly common , Forms an atmosphere with the living room. Also, without turning it around, we will find a retractable cable, which would allow to save more comfortably after use, although I understand that it would be logical to leave it on the counter.

Summarizing, it is an apparatus nice design , which can be found in white with blue accents and black with details in steel, and it will not detract anything about our countertop but occupy, as all these helpers, beautiful space on it . In our hands is assessing if we agree to pay the 199 euros that costs. Click for more information