Captured by Photo: Locksmith was catapulted by bus

López Sequeira, 23, with a possible fracture in his right knee, more blows and excoriations in various parts of the body when he was hit by a Toyota minibus , gray, plates M 173 615, led by Jorge Baquedano Espinoza, 35 Who allegedly passed the stop sign .

The injured, resident of the neighborhood Enrique Smith, was preparing to do emergency locksmith work aboard his motorcycle Serpento, green, plates M 107 002. He moved from north to south when he was hit and catapulted for almost 12 meters, by the minibus Which circulated from west to east.

“I look south and north, but no one came because of that, I suddenly felt the impact on the front and the injured motorcyclist, but it was me who threw a stop sign,” said the driver of the minibus.

Fernando Gonzalez, who was walking on the platform, said he only saw the rider in the air and that the impact was violent, “thank God the injuries were not serious, he was wearing his helmet and that protected him enough,” he said.

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Paramedics of Nicaraguan Red Cross, attended the motorcyclist and once stabilized, they sent him in stable condition to emergency room of the hospital Manolo morales.

Photo: Benedict Balmaceda / TN8 [/ caption]

The road accident was recorded from the Don Bosco clinic one block to the lake, one down, in the Ducualí neighborhood.

The driver of the minibus was transferred as a detainee to the police station five, where he will determine his responsibility in accident that adds to the statistics an injured motorcyclist more.