Equip your bathroom with taps to suit your needs with Pictures

The faucets are an essential element of the bathroom. The sink, the bidet, the bathtub and the shower … Each faucet has some characteristics to offer us the maximum comfort possible. The style of the finish, the properties and the water consumption help you to make the dripsndrops Kitchen Faucet that fit your needs.

The keys

  • The faucets have to be, above all, functional to suit your needs, but also decorative to match the style of the bathroom.
  • There are a multitude of different models that save on water and energy, such as thermostatic bath or shower faucets and double-position opening sinks.
  • The usual cleaning of faucets – never with abrasive products – is essential for its correct maintenance and to avoid future damages.



The first thing that strikes a sink faucet is the aesthetics and that combines with the style of the rest of the bathroom, the furniture … There are different finishes: matt, shiny chrome, color, etc. It is recommended to choose a chrome-plated sink faucet, as it prevents corrosion and gives it a glossy finish. Those that have a high quality keep the brightness unchanged.

But you must also take into account the utility , that the opening is comfortable and the benefits over the savings they can have. For example, basin faucets have a ceramic cartridge that prevents dripping and ensures a greater number of uses.

The faucets are classified by the height of their pipe:

– Low pipe: It is the ideal if your cabinet has an integrated sink.

– Of high pipe: It is recommended if your furniture has a washbasin to overlap.

– Recessed: It is the one that should be placed if the water intakes are in the wall. They have the advantage of leaving free space on the counter.



The search for a different aesthetics coupled with LED technology, allows the water to release different colored lights depending on the temperature of the water – from blue to red as the water heats up.

Hoses. The hose is the hose that communicates the water pipe with the faucet. In the hose can be placed a flow limiter that reduces the passage of all the water that passes through the pipe, implying a water saving of up to 30%.

To find out how to change the sink and bidet faucets click here. 



Bidet taps resemble washbasins, although they have less performance because they are less used, and are usually installed overlapping (as opposed to built-in taps). They can have a moving part that allows directing the direction of the water flow.


The first point to keep in mind is whether the faucet is for a bathtub, shower or both.
The installation of this type of faucets is usually mural, anchored to the wall. You should check the distance between the pipe plugs on your wall: the standard width is 150 mm. Bathtub and shower taps come with adapters that allow you to adjust the width between 125 and 175 mm.

Benefits to save

Choose a faucet that will help you save on water and energy consumption. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, you will reduce your spending on your bill.


– It is recommended that you equip the faucet with an aerator  (it is placed in the mouth of the faucet). It mixes the water with air reducing water consumption, but without decreasing the comfort and the sensation of quantity of water. It allows to save up to 50% of water.

– Another way to control the water expenditure is by using the taps with double position lever. This type of faucet has an opening stop halfway that leaves only 50% of the water flow. By pressing on this stop, the faucet can continue to open and allow 100% of the water to pass through. This option is very useful when children use it.


– The type of cold central opening single- lever faucet contributes to energy saving, as it helps to reduce the consumption of hot water. That is, when you open the faucet in the central position the water comes out cold and not tempered. Therefore the boiler does not turn on with the saving that this supposes.


Thermostatic Faucets

One of the most recommended types of shower and bath faucets are thermostats. These taps have two controls: one with which the temperature is controlled in degrees and another, to regulate the water flow.

They allow to maintain the temperature that you choose of constant way although other taps of the house open. Its advantages are: they save energy (because the boiler takes less time to heat the water) and saves water (because it is not wasted hoping to reach your ideal temperature).

Keep in mind that a higher quality of the thermostatic cartridge allows the desired temperature to be reached more quickly and that any pressure change is quickly compensated by opening other faucets, thus saving water much more.

Other equipment Thermostatic

faucets are  blocked at 38 degrees. Only unlocked by pressing the button, this safety system avoids the risk of burns for children and adults.

In addition, as another additional feature, the faucet body can always remain cold , thus avoiding burns.

You can also choose another feature for the thermostatic faucet as it is a flow reducer (to save on water consumption ).

The thermostatic faucets have the temperature calibrated to 38º from factory, remember that once you have installed the thermostatic faucet it is convenient to verify the calibration, following the manufacturer’s instructions, To adjust the temperature.