I finished the cooking course with Food Photography

Two weeks ago I presented the “final exam” of the cooking course that I was doing for a year at the Center of Gastronomic Training Alta Cocina in Caracas.

As many know, I am passionate about everything related to gastronomy , I think the biggest test is to have created this small food processor reviews blog .

I’ve been like this all my life. I have had the hobby of photographing what I eat long before they invented instagram and the term “foodporn” became fashionable.

I’ve been in the kitchen of my house since a very young age, wondering how my mom and dad cooked. And writing recipes, my friend Flavio had a website more than 10 years ago called Elflojo.com , where I had a recipe section called ” Kitchen for Loose”. This column explained how to make salchicas in the microwave or how to bake breaded cashew nuts. Ha!

Why do I tell this? Well, as I said at the beginning, I finished a cooking course of 1 year, you can say that I graduated from cook (but not from chef, graduating with chef’s degree is something that does not exist anywhere ).

I decided to study cooking because I like it, because I wanted to understand processes and techniques, to know ingredients, and to open my mind more.

In addition, I dedicate myself to photography as a trade and, specifically, I am interested in food photography. What I learned in the kitchen has given me a new vision when composing images. Emplatado, presentation, colors, textures, geometry … could dedicate an entire post to talk about food photography (homework …)

To graduate, we had to present a final dish that we had to complete in 20 minutes, in front of a jury of 4 chefs. While we were cooking we were asked questions such as to deconcentrate ourselves and measure our theoretical knowledge.

We had to prepare an entree and a main dish with their respective garnish.

Many things we could take ahead because obviously in 20 minutes was not going to give time to, for example, chop vegetables and stew.In my case, I presented a salad of lettuce, rúgula, mandarin, dates and almonds fileteada, very similar to this , with some variations.

From main I made breaded pork loin with curry sauce accompanied by cus-cus and pea puree.

The curry I made myself mixing different spices in a stew that brought tomato, paprika, onion, ginger and chili.

The pork was breaded with wheat flour, bread, egg and then almond flour.

The cus-cus is a recipe that I will soon post on the blog, but basically it is with grilled vegetables, and spices.

And the pea puree is nothing but fresh peas cooked through butter, salt and ground in a food processor.

The final result was quite satisfactory, I was happy with my dishes and the jury liked my work. I will continue studying cooking, suddenly not in a school, but in everyday life, in the readings and the stoves. I will also deepen food photography.