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Joining the Web Ring

     Joining our Mavica webring is fairly easy. It doesn't cost anything to join. You'll need to go to the WebRing page where you can submit an application form. Afterwards, you will have to add the webring link to your website. (you need to know a little HTML to do this. If you don't, check out our help section.)

Step 1) Go to Mavica Web Ring Application. If you already have a WebRing ID (such as from another WebRing you have joined previously) you'll have to log in. If you don't have a WebRing ID, you'll have to create one and then add your website. The WebRing ID is created so that later you can go back and edit your webpage entry if you should need to. (like if your webpage moves or you change your contact e-mail address)

Step 2) Now you have the opportunity to select (click with RIGHT mouse button) one of the "Mavica WebRing .gif's" below, and save the image to your disk, OR create a link to one of these images. This will allow you to identify your site as a member of this ring with the ring logo.

Mavica WebRing 1 gif
with Animation - 33kb
Mavica WebRing 2 gif
with Animation - 28kb
Mavica WebRing 1 gif
without Animation - 7kb
Mavica WebRing 2 gif
without Animation - 6kb

Step 3) You will receive an E-mail containing a navigation panel code fragment to produce a panel showing the WebRing navigation to add into your Web page. This allows your visitors to surf the Mavica Ring. Follow the instructions in that message. (If you prefer some options, check out these HTML WebRing panels).

Step 4) Once you have your Mavica WebRing logo and links working, notify the Ring Master that you are ready for your site to be checked. Please note, sites are allowed to remain on the queue for up to 10 days, to finalize the update to your page with the Mavica WebRing fragment.

If you are having problems getting your site on the ring, check out the Help area.

NOTE: This is a very active ring and your assistance in completing this work on your site is important. PLEASE complete this web site addition within one week, or your site may be deleted from the queue. If your site is removed from the queue, you may reapply.