OB-GYN Ultrasound Imaging

The OB / GYN ultrasound branch , or obstetrics and gynecology, is one of the most commonly used applications in ultrasound scans. That is largely because OB / GYN applies to many areas, such as pregnancy, birth, or reproductive problems of women. To any aspect of OB / GYN that your clinic or office is dedicated to, you can find in Ultrasonidousado.com the ultrasound machine that can perform the functions you need for the ultrasound applications of obstetrics or gynecology that you use the most.

Ultrasound imaging has existed since the 1950s, and in recent years it has increased dramatically, as it allows 4D ultrasound of the fetus with fairly clear images. That has caused the formation of a new industry, in images of the fetus. But of course, there is much more to see in OB / GYN ultrasound, apart from souvenir photos. OB scans present an important tool for the entire duration of pregnancy, from the first trimester to the date of birth. Gynecological ultrasound imaging is also very useful in detecting and diagnosing fertility or reproductive problems, and remains an area of ‚Äč‚Äčultrasound imaging growth. One of the most popular OB / GYN ultrasound machines at Ultrasonidousado.com includes the GE LOGIQ Book XP ,

No matter what you are looking for, whether an OB / GYN ultrasound machine or one that can play other applications, you can find it in the giant inventory of used ultrasound machines at obgyn in centreville. We have the largest selection and best prices on systems from all major manufacturers.

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The Philips iU22 ultrasound machine has advanced imaging capabilities and easy-to-operate features, and can accelerate the imaging process to data storage. This system can reduce the time of ultrasonic examinations by up to 50 percent, and when used with the C5-1 transducer