Photo of the funeral shows for the first time the clan of Fidel Castro

The end of the Havana ceremony in honor of the ashes of Fidel Castro has led to some curious images. One of these has made it possible to see in a single photo the whole clan of the direct family of the former president who died on 25 November.

And it is interesting because even for a more or less informed Cuban, the subject of the Maximum Leader’s private life has always been a mystery of state; What for more than fifty years has made, for example, that we can meet by chance with one of his children, without even noticing us.

So far they had not seen together in one photo the five sons of Castro with Dalia Soto del Valle.

Alejandro (born in 1971), wearing a black t-shirt that was not very well advised for a funeral, appeared in the first line, from right to left, when in March of 2015 he was very well dressed in the company of celebrity Paris Hilton, during The XVII International Habano Festival in the Cuban capital.

He is accompanied by his mother, Dalia Soto del Valle, notoriously affected, the woman with whom Fidel Castro officially married in 1980, when all his children were born and after the death of Celia Sánchez Manduley, the companion And assistant commander since the guerrilla days in the Sierra Maestra.

On the other side of Dalia appear Alexis Castro (1962), in a long-sleeved shirt in light violet, and Alexander (1963), who has been relatively known for his work as a professional photographer and for the sweetened images that in the last ten years Circulated from his old and wasted father.

It was this same Alex who in March of this year declared to the press that nobody of his family would take the reins of the power in Cuba when his uncle Raúl surrenders the position, as it has repeated, in 2018.

In the second line, we observe, from guayabera, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Communist Party, and one of his most faithful ideologues, as well as commanders Guillermo García Frías and Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, historical figures of the entire confidence of Fidel Castro.

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Together with these, we can barely see the eye and the right side of the son of the Commander named Angel (1974), as the patriarch of the Castro was called, who founded business and family in the early twentieth century in the remote village of Birán , In the province of Holguin.

A little further back is the most mediated of Fidel Castro’s five official children, the same as paparazzi discovered on a yacht in Turkey and Greece, enjoying luxury and comfort, and accompanied by at least a couple of escorts maintained by the inestimable Of the Cuban Council of State.

He is Antonio Castro Soto del Valle, Tony, (1969), orthopedic physician, specialized in sports assistance, baseball fan, golf player with some prizes under his belt and Vice President of the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) in English).

A little farther back, on the left, looking away, appears the chancellor Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, the last of the men of the gang of young student leaders that Fidel Castro has had since the 1980s; And much more in the background General Alvaro López Miera, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, who from the shadow directs more threads than the Cuban standing and the enthusiastic foreigner of the revolution can imagine.

It is striking, in this curious funeral, in which there was an elite who gathered around a beautiful wooden urn while the great mass passed in front of a photo of Fidel Castro, the clothing of some of his relatives, who in some Cases seem to claim a simplicity that borders on aesthetic barbarism.

Moreover, General Raúl Castro is not included in the image, nor is Juanita Castro Ruz, the exiled sister, the youngest, who from his retirement in the city of Miami ratified his pain in the face of the death of his older brother , His understanding for those who from this Florida coast celebrated the supposed end of an era, and his decision not to travel to Havana.

Nor does the first-born of the Castro I clan, the celebrated Fidelito (1949), the fruit of the guerrilla’s first marriage (1948-1955) with Mirta Díaz Balart, who from the beginning of the Revolution live in Madrid, where he founded another family.

For more than thirty years, Fidelito has been a prominent figure in the national scientific world, in the area of ​​nuclear physics.

Neither was Alina Fernandez, the daughter Fidel had in 1956 with the beautiful television actress and eternal Fidelista Natalia ‘Naty’ Revuelta.

It was this Alina who in 1993 became famous for her mysterious flight to Havana airport, her installation in the demonized Miami and the subsequent publication of her memoir La hija de Castro: memoirs of Cuban exile.

As of the writing of this note, Alina had not given any press interviews.

According to scholars, Fidel Castro also had two extramarital children: Jorge Ángel Castro Laborde (1956) and Francisca ‘Panchita’ Pupo (also 1956). She apparently emigrated to the United States with her husband in 1999.

If we are guided by the research carried out by the journalist Ann Louise Bardach for his book “Without Fidel” (2009), the former president would have had in total eleven children; Although other means speak of ten.

So far what the few photos of the Castro I clan show according to the Havana ceremony. Let’s wait and see what the destiny holds for us, in terms of images, when next Sunday this official mourning cycle ends in Santiago de Cuba. Visit for more details.