Photography Pre-wedding

From decades Photos  we have been the choice of countless  brides and grooms , who have deposited in us the confidence to capture in high quality images, all the details and unique moments that awaken the celebration of a marriage bond. Getting married is one of the most important moments in a person’s life and we enjoy being witnesses of those beginnings with obturator and objective.

The Preboda photo sessions are usually done one or two weeks before the ceremony  in a jovial and close tone. In these sessions we like to break the ice in front of the cameras, to present ourselves so that on the day of the wedding we are a well-known face and to chat first hand with the couple about planning the course of the wedding,  ideas and preferences that are kept in mind. It is a perfect opportunity to meet the pre wedding photographer  and the wedding day everything comes out as organized in common with the couple.

The sessions of pre-wedding photos are usually done in romantic and quiet places, which in many cases had a special meaning during the relationship and in a quiet environment, the couple, walk naturally intertwined while the cameras are responsible for capturing the moments more spontaneous of the couple.

With the service of photography Preboda we created a nice box of memories full of images of the last couple weeks of each couple before granting the desired one. Yes, I want!

Professional photographers for weddings

In Fotos Novoa we made photo reports for weddings from Santiago de Compostela to any part of the geography of the Galician community. Our services as professional photographers for weddings cover all of Galicia. Contact us if you want to know an orientation on the price of your wedding photos and existing possibilities, such as the creation and design of your wedding photo album , or the services of video, pre-wedding and post-wedding photography .