The faces of Nespresso: the art of photography marries charity“

the faces of nespresso by Maurizio Galimberti: the art of photography marries charity
The proceeds from the sale of the nine works created by the famous photographer will be donated to the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation

From Saturday 3 December to Tuesday 3 January the three Nespresso boutiques in Milan, Turin and Bari, exhibit The Volts of Nespresso , the nine works that Maurizio Galimberti , internationally renowned photographer famous for his mosaic portraits with the Polaroids, realized during the evening of presentation of Le Variations 2011 Nespresso , the three limited edition Flavored Coffee.

In the Boutique in via Bigli 1/3 in Milan the portrait of Ambra Angiolini , the work dedicated to Variation with cherry and the one on the pleasure of Nespresso tasting is exhibited : as in modern cubist works, faces and objects are observed from different points of view, fragmented and exploded in their different facets and finally recomposed, obtaining a unique but at the same time multiple and dynamic image.

With the language of photographic art, the Faces of Nespresso recount a world full of aromas, scents and aromas and are designed to capture what is lived with the other senses. But they are also created for a noble purpose. From 16 to 22 January, the prestigious shots will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation , which for 15 years has recovered food surpluses and redistributed it freely to charitable associations and bodies to fight hunger and food waste .

The other works can be found in the Turin Boutique in Via Roma 27, where the portrait of Eva Riccobono , the Variation with vanilla flowers and the work on the Nespresso Grand Cru range and in Bari in Via Sparano 113 are shown. the portrait of Vinicio Marchioni , the work dedicated to dark chocolate and that on nespresso compatible tea capsules coffee machines, is on display.